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Buyers can faster identify regional companies based upon searches for their specific needs by searching the database.

Suppliers increase market opportunity to serve regionally and nationally and take advantage of new and exciting opportunities within the region.

Key Benefits of the Shale Energy Supply Chain

  • A strong local supply chain network will enhance the economic development of existing and emerging industries and support commerce throughout the region.
  • Shale energy players will utilize this database to determine supply chain gaps, areas of excellence, and market opportunities.
  • By capturing and expanding the Ohio Shale Energy industry will increase the effectiveness of connecting suppliers and buyers and accelerate Ohio’s market potential.

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Shale Energy Supply Chain
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The Ohio University Voinovich School’s Consortium for Energy, Economics & the Environment (CE3) is currently developing the Shale Energy Supply Chain Database which will identify current and potential regional shale energy companies and promote their unique capabilities. The project utilizes a Geographic Information System (GIS) to visually represent and map supply chain opportunities for buyers and suppliers in the shale energy industry. By completing the Supply Chain Survey, your business can increase its chance for business- to- business connectivity and growth.